Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Skanky sink, Abscess & Fab Pizza

The snow is still here, starting to melt though as we have reached 11c today! Its still difficult in places to drive but Nigel has managed to drive to Polski Trambesh twice in the last few days. Me never again in the snow :D too scared now :-(
Nigel has been making shelves, rebuilding kitchen units to take the Belfast sink & smashed out the old skanky smelly sink.
Oh & we found out why it stank all the time, the waste pipe was almost completely blocked, how the water from the washing machine & dishwasher managed to run away is beyond me as there was only a tiny hole left open! I am so excited to see it gone :D & can't wait till tomorrow when the water will be re routed & we have gotten rid of all the ugly pipe work.
The kitchen area will be sorted & usable for cooking all the Christmas goodies but not finished as we have all the sealing painting shelf building & trim fitting to do but that's not an issue this week. Thank goodness I am not hosting Christmas here I would never get it ready for guests :-) I have been living upstairs in the bedroom as the living/kitchen is full of dust & everything is everywhere so I & the dogs were best out of the way so Nigel can get on with all the dirty messy work. I had a night where Nigel finished early. I cleaned a little square of top so I could make homemade pizza. I have never made it before, not even on a bought base, but I have had an urge since a facebook friend Libby made one a couple of months ago & it looked so lovely I really wanted to try. I found a recipe for the pizza base & added tom puree, mozarella cheese, cirene cheese, cheddar cheese, salami sausage, garlic. peppers, sage & olive oil. I am telling you it was the best pizza I have ever had other than in Italy itself (who can beat them!!!) I am now a complete convert & will NEVER buy a frozen pizza ever again!!!

I am so looking forward to tonight as I plan on making another :D

Today I have produced yet another abscess on yet another tooth, that's my third on three different teeth, yes I know I need to go to the dentist but this will have to wait. \here we live on a very small amount of money & the money for a dentist is not available added to the absolutely terrifying phobia I have it's not on the cards anytime soon. Anyway I have managed to get rid of the last two & Nigel has got me some anti biotics so here's hoping it will be gone for Christmas!

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