Thursday, 20 January 2011

R.I.P Anne, Last Blog New Blog!

This is going to be the last blog of this series. This last year has been a ba****d for me & I want t o bring it to an end. I have started a new blog which you can access from the links.
The last blog here is very sad.....
Bulgaria & British pats lost a wonderful lady this week. Anne was loved by many, her husband & family have suffered a huge loss combined with a massive shock. Anne was a very gregarious, warm hearted, positive, funny lady & was someone who was very supportive to me in the 6 months Nigel was away. I know the terrible shock & loss her family are feeling as my brother died in an instant with no prior warning. It is a terrible pain & such a sadness envelopes you along with the constant re recording of the words, but why?????
Unfortunately there is no answers we can understand but eventually the pain dulls & visits occasionally & life goes on, though it takes time. Time to grieve a terrible loss time to grieve such a emptiness inside.
My heartfelt condolences go out to Anne's husband Colin & all the family & to all Anne's friends personal & Facebook. To everyone who has come into contact with her she was a sunny lady, I want to call her a girl as she was young at heart.
Goodnight Anne, but for a short while xxxxxxxx

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