Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Church on Christmas Day, Cooking a Freshly Killed Turkey, Buying Freshly Killed Pig & Waterworks

So today Yovo informed us he can't get the turkey, whole, in his small oven. In Yovo's house all meat is chopped into bits & burnt till you can't tell what it is ;-( So I have been given the job of cooking it Christmas day. I have to say that makes me both happy & nervous, as its walking around with the chickens at the moment & I have never cooked a fresh turkey, especially one this fresh ;-) Still at least we have a chance of a decent bit of meat. Right so now I am cooking the Turkey, roasties, stuffing & yorkies :D Oh & making Apple & cinnamon cake & cooking the Christmas pudding, I just hope they enjoy their first traditional Christmas day dinner! I know Yovo is very excited & I have to admit I am looking forward to it big time! Trad Bulgarian accompniments will be great too but I am soooo going to miss cranberry sauce & parsnips ooh & pigs in blankets will be sooooo missed, I wonder if I can get cocktail sausages in Metro??? Nahhhhh! 
Blimey I hope I have a kitchen to cook it all in! 
Nigel is doing the water pipes today. The main huge steel pipe came out with difficulty, but thankfully Nigel is very strong, his grip is vice like! So now he is re plumbing the whole set up, but as is the norm he has run into a problem & is now as I type investigating various options. Now I do not understand the ins & outs of plumbing & water supplies so I will leave him to it & see how he is getting on when I go to sort him out some lunch. lets hope its done today.

Yovo also came to invite us to a pig kill today but obviously we couldn't go but we can buy the meat for 3 lev a kilo thats 1.50 in UK woopwoop!!! I am going to buy 20 kilo, the pig weighs 130 kilo's so next year I really want to buy a whole one. Mmmmmmm till you have eaten home reared fresh pork you don't know the real taste. It's beautiful nothing like the shop bought stuff & one of the advantages of living here is very fresh meat oh & poultry. The disadvantage is the beef, very expensive & not much about. I have found beef mince, which is very very nice, but I cannot afford the meat, so Pork it is :-)  Ooh I smell burning plastic which means some pipe work is going in :) ;)
My Christmas day is going to start with an Orthodox church service at 10am in our village. I am soooo pleased after all it is what Christmas is all about!!!! I won't understand a word, there will be no music or worship but that does not matter on Christmas day I will be in a beautiful church to say thank you & happy birthday :D My first non family Christmas is shaping up to be a good one!!!!
Can you believe the temps reached over 24c here today, snow on the ground sun shining, lovely!!!!! The sun warmed up the house so we didn't have to light the fire till just before the sun went down!
On a lovely lighthearted note my new grand daughter Chloe has started smiling this week. Look how she shines :D

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