Monday, 25 October 2010

9 Days to go, Woohoowee.... Blinking Stupid Gas, Kokoshka Soupa

9 more days, Nigel leaves England on 2nd November, can't wait just hope his drive back goes OK!!!!!
Had a great couple of days, the weather is truly beautiful blue skies, full day of sunshine & really warm, too hot to wear a big cardi. Oh but indoors its blooming cold!!! So wood burners still being lit & the best of both worlds being lived hahaha. Mind you I filled the bedroom full of smoke last night, not very pleasant. I have no idea why, I normaly light it when I go up but because its been cold I lit it before I went up & walked into a fog! I managed to clear it best I could & by the time I went to sleep the room was fine! I won't be closing the flue down again though, just in case!
Well the gas bottle finally ran out on Saturday as I was starting to cook potatoes & pasta, typical,  so I cooked them on the wood burner. Now this is a kamina (just a fire) not a petshka (wood burning aga type cooker) but it still works just takes a lot longer as I am trying to keep the heat down, it gets too blooming hot in here if your not careful. Anyway I digress, again. Easy peasy I had already got a bottle refilled (only costs 10lv for 8 ltrs) but this is Bulgaria off course. Yovo came round to invite me to coffee the following morning & brought me up the full bottle but the shut off valve just would not fit on there without locking :-( very bloody anoying but I kept my cool & negotiated that he would take me to re fill the one we had just removed on the Monday. As it turned out I didn't need it on the Sunday.
Sunday I made my way to Yovo & Pavlinka's house 10am for coffee. Now again this is Bulgaria & could mean anything & could be any number of people.. The table was laid up bless them, they really make a big thing out of coming over for a coffee. There were plates of biscuits, choc with some sort of choky goo on top, poached pears, cirene cheese (feta) & when I sat myself down out came the cold eggy bread! Now if you have never had this its not pleasant but with some cirene cheese can be quite moorish, I reccon it would be very nice with some fruity chutney! Pavlinka was pasterising some milk & cooking Kokoshka soupa or hen soup, yes you guessed it, after the eggy bread etc out came a huge bowl of soup & a huge mound of Kokoshka oris (rice). The rice was very nice, but i am not a fan of chicken bones & skin so the soup was nice but I was put off with having to check for bits & hoik out unpleasant things. Suffice to say I did not need to cook any diinner!! I gave Yovo an English lesson before coming home laden down with Tikva (pumpkin), Mlyako (fresh from the cow milk) & 3 kilo pears & very please I am with them all. Anto, Svetlana then came to my dom & we made wine. I really enjoyed sitting in the gorgeous warm sun sorting through all the grapes very theraputic & fun. Mini & Kami were in heaven pinching the odd grape when I wasn't looking :-)  My ante room now resembles a brewery as the barrel of vino joins the barrel of Rakia already on the go. I am well chuffed as our vineyard was really affected badly this year & I have lost 3/4 of my grapes from the amount of rain we had early on in the season. I have been given a figure of 25-30 ltrs, we will see, well chuffed if we do as I was only hoping for a couple of bottles! Last years has matured nicely & we still have about 40 ltrs rich red wine which packs a mighty punch. By the time we have finished that lot this years will be aged sufficiantly. Its a shame the locals don't age their wine & rakia's they drink them as soon as they are ready & dont get the benefit of a great brew. All fired up & energised the way you only get from a good day i made a pear & ginger upside down cake & had my dessert when I would normally cook dinner :-)
Today was a trip to Polski Trambesh I havent been for months so it was really good to go especially as again we have a beautiful sunshiney day. I love the trip to Polski the scenery is so much nicer than the other direction into Gorna. The Autumn palete is truly beautiful golds creams browns various shades of green & the gorgeous crimson bushes dotted between a wonderful kontrasten Essen landscape. I so hope it stays this way for just a few more days so Nigel gets to enjoy it.
I tried to get some photos the other day, when I went to Gorna Oryahovitza but through the glass of a moving bus is a bit difficult, these are the best of them....  If you look closely at the above & below pics you can see the B of P.
The birds of pray are visible now, one of the wonderful sights of the next 6 months. Watching them soaring & swooping on their prey is special, but on Friday I saw two together, playing swooping towards & away from each other gliding through the sky together, lovely sight! I am looking forward to getting out one day with Nigel & the camera I want to just drive for the day taking photo's, how great would that be!!!!!
How can you not love scenery like this!!!!!! Unfortunately the rest were rubbish!
I bought a tub of hot corn to eat,mmm the guy puts on a choice of flavourings I had garlic sauce garlic salt & chilli stuff. Oh my goodness delicious & only 1.50lv a large pot! 

I then went & had a great pizza so basically spent the whole trip eating hahaha 

Have also been clearing the garden & bringing in the Lemon tree & Geraniums before we get a frost, I don't want to risk losing my Lemon tree it's done so well this year! We bought it for 40p & it was just a stick in a box with a tiny shoot so its a fighter!
So trying to make cream with the cows milk, clotted hopefully! Oh dear I hope Nigel hurries home so I can stop eating haha actually not funny!

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