Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Old post 4 Days & Counting, Beautiful Sunshine, Sophie Returns Emaciated, & Yucky Recipes!

Somehow this post never got published so here you are a preview to the update I am about to undertake!Woohoo 4 days & I will be a couple again!!!! I miss my husband soooo much & it has been a tough 6 months I can tell ya! All, all, all, respect for wives & husbands of military etc you just don't think of the loneliness involved for the people left behind. I have just been talking to someone who had only been married a few weeks when her husband was posted & gone for two years!!!!!! My goodness I can't even......... How strong must that make them, I bet the divorce rate is phenomenal. I have had separations in the past when the kids were babies but then it was just the first two weeks that were awful then I settled into normal life with 3 babies to sort & the house to run & I had loads of friends & family around me, that made all the difference at the end of 7 months I was not that happy being together again, mind you that was also because I had moved away from everyone, hmmm. Today is a change over & busy day for Nigel. He has a bit of running around as he has to get a number plate for the trailer, but first he has to say goodbye to gaz, Kirsty & the boys. Then its a long drive from Birmingham to Hastings to stay with mum & see my sister in law Bren & nephew Mark, his wife Laura & my growing very fast great niece Imogen. I am hoping to speak to them all this afternoon. Then a day last min stuff tomorrow with mum & off he jolly well goes, fingers toes & everything else crossed that all goes well on the trip & nothing gets stolen!
The weather is really lovely here full sunshine & blue sky's 18c but indoors is well chilly to say the least, although my bedroom get the sun full beam through the windows so that is a nice room to be in. The fires are being lit & if I am indoors faffing with the wood burner alight its very weird with the sunshine too. I love the evenings though with the wood burning & the warmth, it's so different to central heating although I do miss that as my bathroom is verrrrrrry cooooooold & I have to light the gas fire in there an hour before I want to use it but this does not help needing a wee hahaha cold wee times!
Sophie came home last night after being gone quite a while & she looks terrible sunken haunches all her ribs on show & very sad eyes. So poor girl is now tetherd for her own safety & will only be let off when she is indoors, otherwise she will be over the fence again, stupid girl. Not much else I can do!
I have had this recuring day of  double vision & bluryness where I can't see properly with or without my glasses (varifocals) & this week I had it really badly where I could only see really badly if I squinted. It lasts from waking in the morning till I wake the next day? I have also had two disasterous baking results. Not as in didn't work out but just yuk as in no flavour or just not pleasant! I made some Apple Muffins & waited till the following day so they were developed but oh dear there was just no taste to them so they ended up as dog treats. I also made Pear Clafoutis which I was excited about & that was just all kinds of wrong. So anymore recipes with these two fruits will def have ginger & cinnamon added it makes all the difference & I do always use these spices but these were recipes I found on the net & I followed them as written, yuk! Never again!
Right lots of housework now first round for the week then tomorrow I am meeting a FB friend for the first time & going shopping, looking forward to that. I love meeting new people & since Nigel has been gone I have only  met one couple in Gorna & we met for lunch so this will be a good day, hopefully a good old chat!!!

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