Monday, 18 October 2010

One Month Later.... Only 16 days to Go

Wow one month ago I was writing really depressing bloggs, cause I was really depressed John! So how did I get to be here now feeling much better.... No idea but better I am even though I was offline for a month cut off from what was going on. What a wonderful thing that was haha, sometimes its hard to imagine life without internet but it was great & I seemed to have worked my way back to normal! I missed reserching & didn't realise how much I used Google, definately missed Google!!! Missed knowing what was going on with certain people, worst was not being in touch with my lovely family, but thats how it would have been years ago. It was quite liberating I was resigned to not being back online till November but it turned out it was Mtel at fault..Typicaly no one knows how or what to do so they send you home & fob you off with anything that comes to mind. I fell for this for 4 weeks every week it was a different reason & *88 never answers as there is a fault with this too. In the end when I decided after paying for my netbook to be reinstalled yet again, that it must be the homebox thats broken. I got Mary to bring her laptop over & hook up to my wifi & found out that way. The next day Mtel tried to tell me I had to take it back home & phone *88 even after I told her over & over that they hadnt answered for 4 weeks day & night this took 30 mins of arguing back & forth, nicely I didn't shout, & in the end I cried out of frustration & anger & hey presto problem fixed!!! The assistant that couldn't phone from the shop, phoned & it was a fault on the line when I got home it was fixed!!! Now in future when I hit the Bulgarian brick wall I am going to cry cause this tactic flipping works  :-)

Kami loves her sleep :-)
Reggie is better now he passed the stomach problem to the puppies & they too have recovered, Minishka was the poorliest ill for four days solid & just like when toddlers are poorly she just wanted to be cuddled on the sofa! She was really sweet & lovely now she is back to the hyperactive biting jumping dervish :-) Reggie is all amourous & wants lots of cuddles too & Kami is adorable as ever with a little naughtiness which coming from her is very funny.

The winter is getting ready to visit. Some days are warm & sunny others chilly & damp with a few cold ones here & there we have has - temps at night even.  We have distinct seasons here & its definately Autumn now. At the moment we are ok a bit chilly fires are lit all over the village & that special smell in the air reminds me Autumns here winters on the way & i'm in Bulgaria! I lit the fire for the first time on 8th Oct it had been a bit chilly before but I was worried about the chimneys not being swept.

Nigel will be home in just 16 days woohoo!!! So can't wait just marking time now & he will be driving back in our new 4x4 full of goodies millions of books, warm winter clothes (difficult to buy anything decent here) kitchen equipment (as its so expensive here) Sky + (thank goodness the end of 70's retro repeats) but bestest of all a kitchen complete with belfast sink & extractor fan!!!!!! Oh my goodness how happy am I? Well happy thats how :-) all we need is some work top & I have a full kitchen. Its a temporary measure as we are building a new kitchen extension to the house unfortunately this will take a bit of time & I have been without a kitchen for 2 years so far. Its pine so will fit in well as a cottage kitchen & we can always paint it if needs be then when we are sorted it can be used for guest accomodation. We won't be able to get our conservatory furniture over but we will buy a cubic mtr on a truck when we have the money & get it driven over.
Had wood chopped this week. we have loads & didn't need to buy any this year still have most of the logs we bought last year & have 2 animal houses full of it. One house has lots of old wood from windows, frames, beams etc & the other full of walnut branches which I use for kindling. So I have a huge box full of kindling & 14 sacks of wood for the Kamina's then the rest is in the new kitchen in a huge basket, plenty for the next couple of months. Then the barn is full of wood & beams from the collaps & this is still without touching the logs! I think we have more than enough for the aparent very cold winter ahead!
I have heard from a few different quarters that we are in for a very long very cold winter lasting 6 months! well I am not going to panic just have to hope its typical Bulgarian panic & overreaction. If its a sunny winter with loads of snow then it will be ok!

It was Pavlinka's born day last week so we had a tea party & she made her best Banitza yet, Mmmm I couldn't face fish soup, had warned them before hand so thankfully didn't have to upset them or under go a torturous experience. I am a wimp where fish is concerned & it would be full of bones I'm a bit phobic about choking on a fish bone haha. I baked her an apple cake which she loves. Ahh it was a really nice evening even gave Yovo an English lesson after dinner.

 I have done lots of cooking in the last month too & actually made a flipping fantastic Banitza the best in Vinograd hahaha well maybe not but it was truly delicious, the recipe is on my food blog

Mmmmm now I want to make some as it's made me hungry

Managed to collect about 3 kilo walnuts so far, a spit in the ocean compared to last years crop but better than nothing. Oooohhhh wish we had chesnuts would love to roast some in the Kamina Mmmm its that time of year back in Worcester!

Nigel says I have turned into a right Bulgarian villager as I am in bed when it gets dark & many evenings before its dark haha basically its warm & comfy & I can watch telly & drop off to sleep at will. I have the coffee machine & light the fire so cant see the point of staying up downstairs, this will change when he is home so I will enjoy while I can!
I apologise for all the spelling misshaps but spellcheck is refusing to work!

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