Thursday, 21 October 2010

13 DAYS TO GO......... Visitor & Dogs

I had a surprise visitor today, no idea how it got in but this is one reason I need Nigel to work on sealing the house. I have had numerous frogs in this year too, some I managed to get out others well I just hope they have kept the floor spiders to a minimum!
Well 13 days to go, now the countdown really starts Woohoo!!! Can't wait to get back to some sort of normality. Just how weird is it to be married but separated!!! It will be 6 months since I said goodbye thinking it would be for two months & how long it would be, wow I am glad I didn't know then what I know now!!! Anyway ordeal almost over then I can relax & stop being paranoid. I have so much respect & a little more understanding for wives of soldiers etc & the long periods of time they are separated for. Also for my mum she has lived alone for sooooo long. Now she is 86 & less mobile but has some great friends & neighbours who keep her company. I am not looking forward to having to do this again but if I have to I will. It's not like we can up & leave the house & we have the animals to think of too. Talking of animals, I have seen the baby Tortoise but I haven't seen the adults for a while. I hope they are readying themselves for hibernation! The baby has definitely grown So I am hoping she will survive another hibernation. I will be hibernating with them too if the winter turns out to be as bad as predicted, though just who it is that makes these predictions is beyond me! I shall have Nigel all to myself for 10 days & then he has a job lined up. I am looking forward to getting out with him & enjoying his company.
The weather here is mixed, we have had a few days without having to light the woodburners but today its chilly wet & windy so its been alight all day. Its lovely makes you feel all homey & comfy cosy. The pups get a bit hot though haha but Reggie loves it bless him! Kami & Mini play all over the place if Mini was human she would be described as ADHD she is truly manic but Kami on her own is a quiet little darling with a bit of pep to her, such a sweety this was them earlier, play fighting.
Minishka is very naughty but also cute & funny
Such a naughty girl!!!
Kamishka on the other hand is far more wary, she was treated really badly & its taking a long time to trust. She goes mental if you manage to pick her up, you have to catch her :-) but she has started to jump up & sit on my lap for a cuddle. Her quietness comes I think from staying out of the way, pretending she's not there!. When Mini or Reg nick her food she just walks away & lets them, I have to stand guard over Mini & as soon as she has gulped her food I have to pick her up & put her outside with Reg. She won't go near him now when he is eating!
Poor Reggie his hip & leg are getting worse, probably due to the cold. You can see his spine has twisted to compensate & his leg is in a funny possition too. Yesterday I noticed he had scraped his tail stump AGAIN. I don't think it will ever heal. Because he cant sit he has been known to just stand completely still for hours looking at the door which can't do his hip/leg much good.
You can see his leg here, bless him!
Kami is a house dog & spends most of the day inside at the moment. She barks at the door for me to let her out for a wee & goes off in private for a pooh
Minishka on the other hand is most definitely going to be an outside dog along with Reggie as she takes every opportunity to wee all over the house, even jumping up & having a wee on the sofa's & is a complete nuisance! she poohs all over the foot paths & on the stairs she even climbed up onto the garden table & poohed!!!! She has a bit missing I think :-)
Sophie has gone awol & comes back for  food a couple of times a week if we are lucky! She has a few families she graces with her presence & thank goodness she is well known now & well liked as I am hoping its that which will keep her out of trouble & pain! Sophie is a true street dog & loves her freedom but just doesn't see danger. She is such a trusting dog! When Nigel gets home we will have to tether her & she will get two walks a day, I am not able to do this at the moment as I think it cruel but I am very worriied about her. She is really happy to be here when she comes but doesn't stay. I think she comes home at night sometimes but for some reason can jump out over the fence but not back in, maybe she has hurt her leg or something? Oh well that's my dogs at this time lets hope Reggie can be helped & Sophie can be stopped! 

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  1. Has Reggie been to the vet?
    Regards Trine, Denmark